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Welcome to the web site for the Perseverance fire Company! Our mission is to provide the best possible emergency services to the citizens of Jonestown Borough, Lebanon county and surrounding communities.

We currently operate 2 engines and a rescue truck. We staff our equipment with volunteers currently numbering 30-40 personnel. 

The fire station is located at 107 S. King St. in Jonestown, Pa. 17038. The Fire Station phone number is (717) 865-3635. We conduct our monthly business meeting on the second Tuesday of every month and we have trainings every Thursday.

If your curious or you have an interest in joining please feel free to stop by! We have a great need for volunteers if you live near by please contact us, being a volunteer doesn't just mean being a Fire fighter. We have many jobs available for those who would put out fires and those who may want to provide a service but, may not have the ability for such dangerous activities.

We also have a social club located 22 S. King St. in Jonestown. Along with the club, 4 large fund raisers, and our annual fund drive letter this provides with our main source of funding. At this time we do not create a burden to the tax payers as we are self sufficient and do not require funding assistance from the municipalities we serve and we strive to keep this tradition alive for as long as we are able!

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