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Pin on Goldmine

03/19/2016 - Around 10 am, Company 10 was alerted to respond with Company 57 to a reported Motor Vehicle Accident on Goldmine Road. While responding units were advised of 1 patient partially ejected and trapped. RE75 (FTIG) was added as the 2nd Due Rescue. Upon arrival Both Rescue Companies, utilized air lifting bags and the Hydraulic Rescue Tools to free the patient.

Picture Via Lebanon Daily News

February 2016 Stats

03/01/2016 - This month Jonestown Volunteers had 20 calls for service. Including 1 Working Fire and 3 Accidents with Entrapment. This month we also averaged about 9 Volunteers per call, including a call where 20 personnel came to help their community!


Interstate 78 Incident

02/13/2016 - In regards to any information about the Incident on Interstate 78, please try to refrain calling the fire station. We are limited on information that we know, or can give you. Any questions pertaining to the accident, you must contact the Jonestown State Police Barracks. Thank You.

Pennsylvania State Police-Jonestown/Lickdale Barracks

3185 State Route 72 Jonestown, Pa 17038

(717) 865-2194


(717) 865-5067

NLFES Banquet 2015-2016

02/06/2016 - Tonight members of Companies 10, 11, 12, 41, and 46 attended our Annual North End Banquet at Fort Indiantown Gap. Members enjoyed a meal, beverages, and awards for the all of the hard work during 2015. Also a special thanks to Palmyra Fire who provided coverage from Station 10 during the Banquet. RE1-1 provided a crew of 7 for call coverage along with RE75 (FITG) while members enjoyed a break. While Covering Co. 1 took in a reported Truck Fire on Interstate 81 Northbound. A few hours later at the conclusion of the Banquet, Company 1 returned to Palmyra. Thanks again for the Coverage!

Carbon Monoxide Call with a Sick Person

01/20/2016 - Around 15:00, Lebanon EMA transmitted the 47-05 box for Carbon Monoxide possibly in a house, due to an occupant feeling sick. The Engine w/4 (Asst. Campbell) and the Rescue w/2 (FF T. Mohn) made the response shortly after dispatch. E10's crew arrived and metered the building finding levels over 30 ppm. A torpedo heater in the garage area was found to be the source of the High CO Levels and the crews then ventilated the structure before returning to service. 

First Job of the Year

01/07/2016 - At 6:35AM Box 47-05 was struck for the reported kitchen fire. The Engine made the response with 6 (Capt. Fulk) and the Rescue with 3 (LT. Dulac) The Engine arrived on scene with smoke showing and stretched a line, and quickly knocked the fire down. The Rescue arrived on scene and conducted a primary search and controlled utilities.

Starting Off with a Fresh New Year!

01/01/2016 - Today we welcome in 2016. 2015, Jonestown Fire ran a total of 274 Emergencies. 20 Working Fire and 10 Motor Vehicle Accident with Entrapment.

2016 Line Officers

Fire Chief: Robert Taylor

Asst. Chief: Jeffery Campbell

Capt.: Scott Fulk

LT: Dan Mohn

LT-1: Eric Dulac

The Last American LaFrance is Leaving Jonestown!

11/10/2015 - Tonight the membership voted to sell our 1989 American Lafrance Pumper to a Private Collector in West Palm Beach, FL. This engine has served Jonestown Borough and the surrounding communities for many of years.

Back to Back calls for the 10 House

11/16/2015 - At approximately 08:30,The Engine and Rescue we dispatched for an Automatic Fire Alarm in Union Twp.. Company 10 made the response with 9 volunteers. Chief 10 arrived with a light smoke condition. Tasking incoming units to investigate the source. E10 was second arriving to RE75, together they found the source to be a malfunctioning torpedo heater. Later the Rescue (w/7) was dispatched for a MVA on I81 MM85. RE75 arrived with one car on its roof, pt out of the vehicle. Rescue was held to assist with debris removal before being released!

MVA in the 11 Local

09/25/2015 -Around 19:30 Stations 10 and 11 were dispatched to State Route 72 for a motor vehicle accident. The Rescue went responding with 7,and upon arrival Deputy 11 tasked the Rescue crew with debris clean-up. After the roadway was cleaned up and traffic was flowing the rescue went available.


"The Men from TEN" dispatched for the working fire.

08/31/2015 At approximately 19:30, The Engine and Rescue were dispatched for the Reported House on fire in the 40-05. Both piece made the response with a total manpower count of 14! Upon arrival the engine crew went to work, doing truck ops. The Rescue's Crew filled cylinders and assisted with overhaul. Great job to all parties involved!

Outside Investigation in the First Due

08/26/2015 Around 21:30 Station 10 was alerted for an outside investigation via LEMA. Asst 10 and the Engine went in route. The asst, was investigating on Colonial Dr. and sent E10 down SR72. The asst. chief arrived to find a tree fire the homeowner could not extinguished. The Engine crew pulled an line and extinguished fire.

Rural Water Supply Training

08/13/2015 Tonight Firefighter from companies 10, 11, 12, 40, 41, 46, and 75; trained on rural water supplies at Shuey Lake at FTIG. E12 pulled a draft and filled tankers, while E10 ran lines and drafted from port-a-tank.

Driver Operator Training

07/30/2015 Tonight we conducted drill as part of our extensive driver operator packet need to be a chauffeur at Station 10. A Engine crew loaded up and traveled to a local dry hydrant and the D/O Trainee practiced pulling a draft from a static water supply. We also ran our portable pump.

Training and Accident

07/23/2015 Today around 13:30 the Rescue was dispatched for a accident into a creek to assist RE41-1. The rescue made the response and assisted with extricating the patient across the small creek. Later we trained with Companies 11,12,41,46 and 75 doing Vent Enter Search Techniques and cutting ventilation holes  in and on of 2 houses soon to be destroyed!

Outbuilding Fire in the 10-01

07/11/2015 Around 22:00, Stations 10,47,12; were dispatched for an out building fire. A caller reported smoke coming from a Bathroom at the Jonestown park. Chief 10 arrived with command and advised county that he had smoke showing from bathroom window. E10 arrived splitting its crew between forcing the bathroom door and pulling a crosslay. After forcing entry, crews found fire to be contained to a trash can with no extension. Box was held shortly after to the Engine Company.

Truck Fire with Cō. 11

07/09/2015 Around 20:00, During our Mutual Aid training with Companies 11,12,46; Station 11 was dispatched for a truck fire on I81 South MM 95.5. Engine 10 responded to assist. While enroute, State Police advised they had a working fire and that they shut the interstate down. E11 arrived and pulled two lines, E10's Crew assisted in overhaul of contents.



Working Fire in the 32-01

07/06/2015 At approx. 14:00, The Rescue Company was dispatched to Assist Company 32 with a Working Fire. Due to heat and having to replenish crews, more manpower was needed, and CMD requested for the rescue. Crews from 10 assisted with suppression and overhaul efforts, before being released.



Water Rescue on the Swatara Creek

07/05/2015 Around 18:00, Companies 10 and 47 were dispatched for people in distress in the Swatara Creek in the area of Ivy Lane and SR72. Chief and Boat 10 went responding, and deployed from the Jonestown Boat Launch. The rescue responded to the old iron bridge to help locate PT's. The Boat crew, picked up the patients out of the water and dropped them off with he rescue crew on shore. With everyone safely on shore, The box was placed in service. Boat 75 (FTIG Fire) was also dispatched to standby incase a 2nd boat was needed.

93rd Annual Firemans Convention!

6/20/2015 This Saturday the Lickdale Comm. Fire Co. hosted the 93rd Annual Fireman's Convention. Station 10 assisted Lickdale with the parade portion of the convention.

Structure Collapse and Training.

5/21/2015 Around 16:00, The rescue was dispatched to Fredericksburg for the reported structure collapse. Rescue made response with 9 personnel. Rescue-Engine 41-1 (Deputy 41), arrived to find an unoccupied home with structural damage. Deputy then placed box in-service and awaited PSP. Later crews headed to Dale Richard Junkyard to trained on Vehicle stabilization in different scenarios.

Working Commercial Building Fire in Dauphin 39 Box

4/18/2015 At apporx 14:30, The Rescue was dispatched for a reported build fire on Route 22. Dauphin QRS 39 arrived with a working fire in Dauphin County. The rescue crew arrived and sent manpower to assist with suppression efforts. Mean while the Engine and Schuylkill Rescue 21-50 (Ravine) stood by at Station 10. Crews later assisted on a Small garage fire on Mountain Road, the 12-04 Box. 

Working Garage Fire in the 41-01

2/11/2015 Around 19:30, while attending training the 41-01 was hit out for a reported working barn fire. Engine 41 arrived with a working garage fire. The Rescue arrived as the First Due Special Service and was tasked with putting a second line in-service. Simultaneously, E10 was picking up E41's supply line and sent manpower forward. Crews preformed overhaul and cleanup.

Great Engine up for Grabs!

Our last American LaFrance Engine, is officially Out of Service. It has served us and the community very well over the years. At this time we are asking for $20,000. Some Details are listed below. For any serious offers please contact the Fire Chief, via 717-865-3635.

  • 1989 American LaFrance Pumper

  • 6 man cab

  • 1500 GPM 2 Stage Pump

  • 750 Gallon water tank

  • 50 gallon foam cell

  • 507 pump hours and 32,800 miles.

  • 14' Roof, 35' Extension, 10' Attic Ladders Included.

Landing Zone and Inside Investigation.

2/11/2015 Around 10:00, Engine 10 was dispatched to assist 196MU with a Lifelion Landing Zone for a burn patient. Engine went responding with 6, established LZ and assisted EMS. Later at Noon, Companies from 10,12, 42, 47; were dispatched to Jonestown Borough for an inside investigation. Engine arrived to find false detector activation and held the box to the Engine. Box was in-service shortly after.

Accident and Commercial Building Fire

2/6/2015 Around 14:00, Rescue 10 was dispatched to the 12-01 for a Accident with Injuries. Chief 75 arrived and confirmed they had entrapment. The Rescue w/5, arrived and was assigned to go to work and assist RE75 with extrication. Rescue was released shortly after extrication. At 15:00 the rescue was special requested for manpower to the 3-04, for a working commercial building fire at a sawmill. Rescue 10 made the response w/9, and was recalled by command shortly after the fire was placed under control.

Electrical Outlet Malfunction and MVA

1/16/2015 Around Noon, the Engine Company was dispatched via Lema to assist Company 40 with a Reported Outlet Fire. Engine 10 responded with 5 shortly after dispatch. The Engine Arrived 2nd behind E40 and held manpower while they investigated. We were then released by Co. 40 after power was shut down and outlet was being removed. Later the rescue was dispatched to SR22 for a MVA with Fire in the 12-08. Crews arrived and assisted with Patient care and supplemented E12's crew for suppression efforts. Crews were available shortly after.

Chimney Fire in the 47-01

1/3/2015 Engine 10 and 10-1, were dispatched to Quarry Rd. for a Reported Chimney Fire. Chief 12 arrived with a working chimney fire. The Engine arrived and split the crew, half to the roof and the interior. Crews extinguished fire and cleaned out of the chimney. Box was placed in-service shortly after.

Freezing Rain causes Multiple Accidents

1/3/2015 Today the Rescue Company handled 4 calls for service due to freezing rain. Thankfully, 3 of the accidents the rescue was canceled on. And one crews assisted with Patient care and basic vehicle operations. Between the 4 calls, the "10 House" maintained an average of 14 Volunteers.

Small Fire in the 11-01

12/31/2014 Around 16:00 hours Companies from 10, 11, 12, 41, 46, 47, 75 were dispatched for a reported structure fire on Hoover Drive. The Engine and Rescue Company made the response. Engine 10 arrived second to Rescue-Engine 75 and assisted with overhaul in the area of the fire. Later the box was held to RE75 and E10.

Busy Day for the 10 House

11/24/2014 3 calls for the day, first being a Accident on Goldmine Road, Command 46 recalled the rescue before arrival. While Crews were tied up on the Goldmine Road incident, Station 11 was alerted for a Car Fire on Interstate 81. Engine took in the Call with 7, and arrived with a working car fire. Crews stretched a line and knocked the fire down. Last call of the day was an accident on Allentown Blvd., Crews assisted with patient care and debris cleanup.

Accident with Entrapment/ Landing Zone in the 47-07

11/22/2014 Around 23:00, Engine 10 was alerted to setup at landing zone for a motor vehicle accident on North Lancaster Street. On arrival the engine crew setup LZ, and then provided extra manpower to assist with extrication of patient.

Tree Fire in the Borough

11/1/2014 At approx. 21:00 hours, LEMA alerted Station 10 to respond to Twin Creeks Drive for a Tree Fire. Chief 10 arrived with a active tree fire. Crew had to cut down the large tree and then extinguish the fire inside of the hollow tree, utilizing a portable pump. 14 Volunteers handled this call and were available within an hour.

Odor Investigation in the 42-02

10/23/2014 Around Noon, Engine 10 was alerted to respond to Grace Ave. in the 42-02 for Odor of something burning in a commercial building. E10 hit the street with 6 personnel and arrived as the 2nd Engine. The engines crew, was assigned to investigate the odor. The box was placed in-service about 30 minutes later.

Accident with Injuries on the Interstate

10/19/2014 The Recue was dispatched along with Station 11 for a Tractor Trailer Roll over. Deputy 11 arrived with the PT out of the truck and had Engine 11 and the Rescue to Stage behind his vehicle and to send manpower up. Both crews work diligently to stop an active oil leak and the Rescue was returned shortly after.

Northern Lebanon Training

10/16/2014 Tonight crews from Stations 10,11,12,and 46 drilled on different tasks of the truck company. We started with Salvage Operations and then practiced on primary searches. The house was smoked up to provide a more realistic environment for the members to train in.

Brush Fire in the 47-05

10/14/2014 This evening at 18:00, the Engine company was altered for a reported Wildfire. The engine made the response with 6 personnel. Chief 47 arrived and held the assignment to Company 47. The Engine returned to service.

Early Morning Door Pop on I78

10/09/2014 At approximately 04:00, R10 was dispatched with Station 11 for a Tractor Trailer accident on Interstate 78. The rescue went responding with 9 personnel. While enroute LEMA had reported that there may be entrapment. Chief 11 arrived with one PT. in the Tractor that was confined, and told the rescue crew to go to work when they arrived. Rescue popped the door and assisted the EMS crew with packaging. The Rescue Company was in-service within the hour. Later the Engine Company took in a AFA in the 11-01.

Spill Control in the 10-03

10/08/2014 Station 10 was dispatched around 18:00 for a Spill Control at Jonestown Road and Maple Lane. Assistant 10 arrived to find a Tractor Trailer vs. a Pickup truck with a active Diesel leak. Asst. Chief 10 requested for E12, PT47, and Station 50. Rescue and Engine 10 arrived and protected the sewer grate from the spilling diesel, and pulled a protection hand line of the engine. All units were clear in about 2 hours.

Accident in the First Due

8/31/2014 Today the EMS crew from First Aid and Safety called into LEMA that they had a Accident. They then advised county that cars were leaking fluids. The Engine and Rescue went responding minutes later with 9 volunteers. We arrived and assisted with traffic control and basic vehicle operations.

Busy Day for the Engine Company

8/18/2014 Lebanon City had a 2 Alarm Fire today on North 10th Street, Later brining E10 to Lebanon Station 2 for the Transfer Assignment. During which the crew of 5, handled an Fire alarm and a wires down call. Later at around 19:00, the Engine was dispatched to assist Co. 41 with a Motor Vehicle Accident. Chief 41, placed us in-service shortly after.


Vehicle Rescue Training

7/31/2014 -Tonight crews trained on stabilization techniques and the use of various hand tools and other tools not used as much during vehicle rescue.


Odor of Smoke and Pole Fire

7/28/2014 -The first call of the day was at the Jonestown Health Center for a Odor Investigation around 15:00. Engine 10 arrived and positioned itself on Side D at the Hydrant while crews investigated. Cause of the odor was found to be faulty wiring on a water cooler. The second call came in at 21:00, to assist Companies 11 & 41 with a Pole Fire. Crews arrived and stood by with other companies till met-ed arrived and were released shortly after.


Training: Vehicle Rescue

7/24/2014 - Tonight crews from companies 10, 11, 12, 41,and 46 met at Dale Richards Junkyard for Training. Crews split up and practiced on various stabilization techniques and then worked with hydraulic tools and how to safely operate them.

Garage Fire in the 47-05

7/23/2014 - Around 21:0, The Engine and Rescue were dispatched to West Main Street in Bethel Twp. to assist company 41 with a working van fire. Engine and Rescue companies arrived and assisted with extinguishment and overhaul. Personnel wrapped up hose and equipment and were released.

Garage Fire in the 47-05

7/14/2014 - Around 20:30, Station 10 was dispatched to Swatara Twp. for a Garage Fire. Asst. 10 and Chief 47 arrived almost simultaneously and confirmed there was a heavy smoke condition in the structure. Engine 10 layed in and crews pulled a line. Crew was thenn split, they extinguished the fire and ventilated the garage. Fire was quickly put out and under control.

Fire in Swatara Twp.

7/9/2014 - Around 21:00, The Engine and Rescue were dispatched for a structure fire on Route 72. Engine 10 arrived and reverse layed from Engine 9 and setup draft site out of a portable tank on 72. Crews assisted with attack and overhaul. The Rescue filled cylinders. Units returned approximately 3 hours later.

Emergency Vehicle Driving Training

6/21/2014- Today 5 members took part in a 16 Hr. Emergency vehicle driver training course. After completing a test, crews departed for the Northern Lebanon High School to complete a comprehensive array of tasks and obstacles to finish the class. Special thanks to the two instructors who made this class possible, Michael Leonard and Dev Kannan.

Pictures: Kenna Wolferd

Abandoned Mansion Fire

6/10/2014- Around 04:30, this morning Station 10 was dispatched along with Station 41 for a reported house fire on South Center Street in Fredericksburg. County advised responding units that it was a mansion and they had reports confirming a working fire. E41-1 arrived and confirmed a working fire and layed in from the creek. Engine 10 was second arriving establishing a water supply for the defensive operation. Crews worked for approx. 6-7 Hours.


5/14/2014- Crews loaded up tonight in Engine 10 to participate in a live ARFF burn at Fort Indiantown Gap. Class was conducted by West Virginia University. Crew trained on putting fuel spill, engine, tire, and compartment fires. This is important to learn because of the airport in our first due and the mutual aid we run to the Military base. Other companies that participated: 75, 41, 46, Dauphin 39 & 36.

Pictures: Lisa Rudy

Boat Dispatched for Search and Rescue Operation

5/04/2014- Saturday the boat was dispatched to assist the Pennsylvania State Police with a missing person. Search was unsuccessful due to murky waters. A joint coordinated search was conducted on Sunday morning with Boats 10 & 75. Crews thoroughly searched the creek for the missing person. Additional crews were later dispatched near the recovery site to assist, including Stations 11 & 12, FASP and PSP.

Pictures: Barbra West - LDNews

RIP Skip. You will be missed.

3 Alarm Fire in Lebanon City

Crews from Lebanon City Fire Department were dispatched to 133 South 10th Street for a stove fire. Commissioner 15 arrived with heavy fire conditions to the rear of 133 and 135. Then transmitting the 2nd Alarm and the RIT assignment. Due to a lack of manpower the 3rd alarm was transmitted bringing the rescue. We assisted packing hose and filling cylinders. The Rescue returned approximately 2 hours later.

Motor Vehicle Accident in the Borough

3/30/2014 - At 14:10. Station 10 was dispatched for a motor vehicle accident at 10 South Lancaster Street in the Borough. Chief 10 arrived to find a 2 vehicle accident with minor injuries. The rescue and engine arrived assisted with patient care and cleaning up debris. Box was in-service within 30 minutes.

Acquired Structure - Regional Training

3/20/2014 - Crews from Stations 10, 11, 12, 41, 46, and 75 had the opportunity to do training on a structure that was deemed to be demolished. Crews did various drills, like breaching walls and vertical roof ventilation.

Truck Fire in Bethel Township.

3/18/2014 - Around 18:00, The Rescue was dispatched to assist station 41 with a truck fire. The Rescue arrived and filled cylinders and assisted repacking hose, rescue cleared the scene shortly after.

Pump I Class and a Wreck.

3/15/2014 - 8 members of the fire crew took part of a pump operators class hosted by the Mount Joy Fire Department. Members finished off the class with a verity of different scenarios and operations. On the way back the engine crew took in a motor vehicle accident with confinement on Interstate 81 along with the Rescue. Engine arrived and assisted crews from 12, 75, and Dauphin 36. The Rescue was recalled while enroute. We would like to thank the two instructors, Samuel Clark and Dave Gribble for conducting the class!

For More pictures click here!

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Hazmat Awerness Training

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