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RIP Skip. You will be missed.

3 Alarm Fire in Lebanon City

Crews from Lebanon City Fire Department were dispatched to 133 South 10th Street for a stove fire. Commissioner 15 arrived with heavy fire conditions to the rear of 133 and 135. Then transmitting the 2nd Alarm and the RIT assignment. Due to a lack of manpower the 3rd alarm was transmitted bringing rescue. We assisted packing hose and filling cylinders. The Rescue returned approximately 2 hours later.

4th Annual Jonestown Borough Carnival!

Come Join us April 29th Thru May 3rd at the 4th Jonestown Carnival. Lots of Rides, Games and Vendors for all of the family to enjoy!

Motor Vehicle Accident in the Borough

3/30/2014 - At 14:10. Station 10 was dispatched for a motor vehicle accident at 10 South Lancaster Street in the Borough. Chief 10 arrived to find a 2 vehicle accident with minor injuries. The rescue and engine arrived assisted with patient care and cleaning up debris. Box was in-service within 30 minutes.

Acquired Structure - Regional Training

3/20/2014 - Crews from Stations 10, 11, 12, 41, 46, and 75 had the opportunity to do training on a structure that was deemed to be demolished. Crews did various drills, like breaching walls and vertical roof ventilation.

Truck Fire in Bethel Township.

3/18/2014 - Around 18:00, The Rescue was dispatched to assist station 41 with a truck fire. The Rescue arrived and filled cylinders and assisted repacking hose, rescue cleared the scene shortly after.

Pump I Class and a Wreck.

3/15/2014 - 8 members of the fire crew took part of a pump operators class hosted by the Mount Joy Fire Department. Members finished off the class with a verity of different scenarios and operations. On the way back the engine crew took in a motor vehicle accident with confinement on Interstate 81 along with the Rescue. Engine arrived and assisted crews from 12, 75, and Dauphin 36. The Rescue was recalled while enroute. We would like to thank the two instructors, Samuel Clark and Dave Gribble for conducting the class!

Working Dumpster Fire in Union Township.

3/11/2014 - Around 16:30, Station 10 was a dispatched for a dumpster at Supreme Mid-Atlantic Corporation on Jonestown Road. The Engine Company arrived to confirm a working dumpster fire and proceeded to pull the front bumper line. Fire was extinguished and overhauled the contents of dumpster. The Box was placed in-service shortly after. 

Two Calls in Bethel Township.

3/7/2014 - Station 10 was dispatched to a reported structure fire around 14:00. While enroute units were advised of a car fire. The Engine and Rescue Company redirected to the car fire along with E41 and Station 11. The call for the structure fire was held to RE41-1, while station 10 arrived to a working car fire. The engine crew made quick work of extinguishing the car fire and held the assignment to Station 10.

Afternoon Accident in the Borough

1/19/2014 - The Rescue and Engine were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident with entrapment around noon. Asst. 10 arrived with 1 entrapped and relayed to the rescue to pop the door on arrival. The rescue and engine crews worked diligently & completed extrication and patient care. The Box was placed in service shortly after.

2 Calls within an Hour

1/17/2014 - Around 17:00, The rescue was dispatched to a Accident with Entrapment at the intersection of SR72 and Fisher Ave.. Rescue 10 arrived with Station 11 and had one confinement. Rescue crew removed door and assisted with patient care. We returned shortly after. Later the Rescue assisted company 12 with a chimney fire. The rescue was the 2nd arriving special service, the box was then scaled back to RE75, R10, and TK12. The rescues crew assisted extinguishing the small fire and returned to service. 

Reported Wildfire in Swatara Twp.

1/15/2014 - At approximately 15:00 Stations 47,10,11, and FASP were dispatched for a reported wildfire. E10 made the response with 7 personnel. All units we held in quarters, with the exception of Engine 10 to proceed in class 3. Chief 47 arrived shortly after with a controlled burn and put the box in service.

Residential Building Investigation in the Borough

1/4/2014 - Around 14:00, Stations 10, 12, 41, 47 were alerted for a investigation inside of a building in Jonestown Borough. Engine 10 arrived and started investigation, to find homeowner was baking, box was scaled back to Engine and Rescue 10 only. We reset alarm, and checked for CO levels. All units were in-service within 30 minutes.

Structure Fire in the 11-01

1/2/2014 - At approximately 15:30, Station 10 was altered for a reported structure fire on Awol Road in Union Twp.. Engines 10 and 10-1 and the Rescue made the response with 15 personnel. While on scene, Crews from the Engine and Rescue established a Dump site for tankers and assisted with Extinguishment, and Engine 10-1 established a Tanker Fill Site at Awol and Silvertown Roads.

Patron rewards Perse with Plaque

Nov. 28, 2013 - Today the Perse was presented a plaque from SGT. Steven Spalding containing a flag, which was flown over seas with him for his year of deployment. We are thankful for this token of appreciation and would like to thank him and all military forces for their service!

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